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Content Guidelines

19 February 2024 The guidelines below are part of Ribblr’s Terms and Conditions. By using the Site you agree to our Terms and Conditions including our Content Guidelines. INTRODUCTION Ribblr is a place for crafters to create, sell, meet and get inspired. Our utmost priority is to keep Ribblr a safe, fun, and inclusive space for all crafters. Our Content Guidelines outline which Contributions you can and cannot upload to Ribblr. This applies to all parts of Ribblr including but not limited to makes and journals, our community, and our marketplace. Some Contributions may only be uploaded when it is appropriately tagged. Policy decisions are complex and involve careful consideration of a multitude of diverse and often diverging factors. As a creative community, we prioritize the preservation of freedom of expression, yet we acknowledge that sometimes items are susceptible to a range of valid and occasionally conflicting interpretations and emotional reactions. To enhance transparency and comprehension of our policy formulation process, we have included select representative examples below, illustrating the permissible content on Ribblr.
COMMUNITY GUIDELINES To maintain a civil, positive discussion please familiarize yourself with our additional Community Guidelines before participating in our Community.
ALLOWED CONTENT As part of your journey on Ribblr, we encourage you to interact and meet other crafters, share your projects, sell patterns and makes, and more. To do that you may wish to upload Contributions to the Site, like sharing a photo of your recent make or uploading a pattern you wish to sell. Unless featured in our Age-restricted Content or Strictly prohibited Content lists below, Content is generally allowed on Ribblr without any restriction. Examples of allowed content:
  • Uploading and selling a pattern of your own knitted sweater design
  • Sharing a journal of an amigurumi doll you created
  • Posting a question in the community inviting other users to share Crochet tips
  • If you are not sure whether your Contributions are allowed please reach out to our team before sharing it.
    AGE-RESTRICTED CONTENT For the safety of all our users, Age-restricted Content is allowed only with an appropriate tagging. Where applicable, please use #NSFW to tag Age-restricted Content before uploading it to any part of the Site. By default, Age-restricted Content will be restricted and have limited visibility on Ribblr. Users may remove such restictions at their own discretion and at their own risk. The following is considered as Age-restricted Content on Ribblr: 1. Sexual Content Artwork containing Sexual Content is allowed as long as it features #NSFW tag. For example: an amgiurumi pattern of genitalia must be tagged #NSFW. Other Sexual Content is not allowed. Please refer to the Strictly prohibited Content section. 2. Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol Content Content involving drugs, tobacco and alcohol is allowed as long as it features #NSFW tag. However, artwork Content containing references to drugs, tobacco and alcohol is allowed and is not considered Age-restricted Content. Consider the following examples: - Sharing a photo showing someone drinking alcohol on our community pages is considered Age-restricted Content and must be tagged #NSFW. - Uploading a pattern of a sweater with a cigratte artwork is not considered Age-restricted Content. 3. Graphic Content Graphic Content that general users may find distrubing is allowed as long as it features #NSFW tag. For example: a pattern containing blood and weapon references must be tagged #NSFW. 4. Sensitive Content Artwork Content containing political wording or vulgar language is allowed as long as it features #NSFW tag.
    STRICTLY PROHIBITED CONTENT You must not upload Contributions in connection with the following: 1. Hate speech Hate speech Content of any kind, including but not limited to discrimination based on personal attributes such as: religion, nationality, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. 2. Violence & terrorism Content that promotes violence or terrorism of any kind, including but not limited to abusive and/or intimidating graphic or textual Content. 3. Harm to minors Including but not limited to sexual, non-medical drugs, tobacco, and alcohol Content involving minors. 4. Self-Harm Self-harm Content of any kind, including but not limited to grahpic and text. 5. Personal information Including but not limited to personal information of someone else, without their written consent. 6. False information Including but not limited to inaccurate, misleading or otherwise false information. 7. Copyright infrigment Including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or moral rights of any third party, without the required license or permission. 8. Illegal activities Including but not limited to fraud, phishing, illegal drugs, or Content in violation of any applicable law or regulation. 9. Other unlawful Content
  • Content uploaded in order to direct traffic to other websites or promotion materials such as unsolicited or anauthorized marketing.
  • Sexual Content that is not considered artwork Content.
  • Content uploaded to faciliate the buying and/or selling of any items that are not natively supported by Ribblr's marketplace (for example patterns and makes).
  • AI-generated Content that is listed for sale
  • Content that otherwise violates our Terms & Conditions
  • Please note this is not a full list. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
    REPORTING We do not monitor user Contributions. We've implemented various ways to flag Contributions that violate our policies, including our community flags and pattern flags. You can also reach out to us via email at anytime to support[at]ribblr.com. If you see Content that violates our Content Guidelines or otherwise any part of our Terms and Conditions please report it to us immediately. We take reports very seriously, and have team members working 7 days a week across multiple time zones. You may not hear back from us, however please know that we review and investigate each report within a maximum of 72 hours. We may edit or otherwise remove Contributions at any time and without prior notice. Users who violate any of our policies, may be removed from the Site permanently.
    MORE INFORMATION For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions. If you need additional clarification you can also reach out to us at anytime. We look forward to seeing your Contributions on Ribblr!
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