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Help centerMy ShopSelling patternsCan I set a pattern discount or run a sale for a specific pattern?

Can I set a pattern discount or run a sale for a specific pattern?

Yes! Simply click the settings button next to any pattern and then click the 'Price & sale' option to start a pattern sale or discount. You can choose the percentage of discount as well as the start and end date. The discount will start on your chosen date at 00:00GMT and will end on your chosen date at 23:59GMT. You may leave the start and end date blank to keep the discount running. Please note that a shop discount will override any existing pattern discounts until the shop discount ends. The previous discounts will then continue to run as long as the end date is still in the future. Please note that the minimum price of a pattern is 0.9 USD/GBP/AUD/CAD/EUR.

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