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TeddyPeony make for Chubby Kinoko | Ribblr
Freyja is a Love mushroom. Love mushrooms are special mushrooms that are guardians of love. Anyone that has one of them has their protection with love. Each love mushroom has different powers. Her birthday is 14th February. Freyja - Favourite song: Oh no! By Mindy Glenhill Freyja's powers are cooking. Pour in your love of cooking, and Freyja will reward you in magical ways. Her favourite is tomo choco due to some of her spirits came from Japan. However, her spirit was also mixed with some Scandinavian spirits, where Freyja comes from. So she speaks Japanese, Norwegian and English. Pattern by Chocoapple on Ribblr. Note: 3-5 days processing time before shipping.
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Latest noteProgress Date Jul 23, 2022 Project Mood 💜
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