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  • Benny the Bunny
  • Benny the Bunny
  • Benny the Bunny
  • Benny the Bunny

Benny the Bunny

Benny is an avid carrot eater. In fact Benny has won numerous awards for his outstanding carrot cake.

Whilst he only bakes in his spare time, Benny’s real passion is for architecture. You’ll often find him hopping around towns trying to inspect buildings more closely.

Lately he has ...
Craft type
17cm / 7 inches
  • Scheepjes Catona 105 - Bridal White - white
  • Schepjes Catona 505 - Linen - beige
  • Scheepjes Catona 173 - Bluebell - light blue

  • Scheepjes Catona 402 - Silver Green - teal
  • Scheepjes Catona 414 - Vintage Peach - light orange
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