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Payments Policy

24 Feb 2021 This policy is part of Ribblr’s Terms and Conditions. By buying and selling on Ribblr you agree to our Terms and Conditions including our Payments Policy. INTRODUCTION Ribblr is a marketplace where you can buy Contributions, such as craft patterns and other craft products and services directly from individual sellers. You may also open a personal Ribblr shop to sell your Contributions directly to individual worldwide buyers.
TRANSACTIONS BETWEEN BUYERS AND SELLERS Ribblr provides an electronic web-based platform for exchanging information between buyers and sellers of Contributions. The Site enables an electronic web-based transaction platform for registered users to place, accept, conclude, and fulfill orders for the provision of products and services online subject to the Terms and Conditions. However, for any transactions between buyers and sellers, Ribblr is a third party and does not represent either the seller or the buyer. Ribblr does not control and is not liable to or responsible for the quality, safety, lawfulness or availability of Contributions on the Site.
DISPUTES BETWEEN BUYERS AND SELLERS As indicated in these Terms and Conditions, any dispute between users of the Site including but not limited to chargebacks, requests for refund and cancellation, should be resolved between them directly. If you cannot resolve a dispute with another user, Ribblr will attempt to help you resolve your dispute in good faith and based solely on our interpretation of our policies, in our sole discretion. Ribblr has no obligation to resolve any claims, demands, and damages arising out of disputes with other users or parties.
PAYMENT PROCESSING Ribblr uses the services of Stripe, a third-party payment processing provider, including Stripe Connect, for the purpose of facilitating payment processing directly from buyers to sellers and from buyers to Ribblr. In order to sell on Ribblr you need to have a Stripe account. Ribblr is not responsible for or liable to fees, transaction error, fraud and any other issues arising from using Stripe services. Please note: Stripe may charge you a payment processing fee. For more information please review Stripe’s pricing. By using Ribblr you agree to Stripe’s service agreement and privacy policy.
TAXES Your responsibility You are solely responsible to: (1) collect, report and pay any taxes associated with using and making sales on the Site in accordance with your local laws; (2) list and categorise your Contributions properly, and you agree to indemnify Ribblr for any losses it incurs in relation to miscategorisation of your listings by you; (3) declare your country of residence upon registration or as required by Ribblr for tax and VAT purposes.
RIBBLR FEES Sellers and buyers may be required to pay fees to Ribblr as described below. Ribblr may update its fees from time to time.
Listing fee FREE
Processing fee FREE
Ribbuild tool fee FREE FOREVER
Pattern translation fee FREE
Smart sizing fee FREE
Unit conversion fee FREE
Unlimited photos and videos fee FREE
PDF export service fee (with watermark) FREE
PDF export service fee $5 per language (or the equivalent in other currencies)
Sale fee 4%
Ribblr collects sale fees as a third party commission during the transaction between the buyer and the seller. Ribblr charges a minimum sale fee of 25¢ or the equivalent in other currencies. Please read the ‘Currency conversion’ section below for more information. Ribblr may be required to collect and remit VAT, GST or other local sales taxes (collectively, “VAT”) on behalf of sellers. Where applicable, Ribblr will automatically calculate, add and display the additional charge in order to collect and remit the correct amount of VAT to the relevant tax authority. In some countries Ribblr may be required to collect and remit VAT on fees shown in this policy.
CURRENCY CONVERSION Buyers Buyers on Ribblr may use one of the supported currencies on the Site to purchase Content on the Site. Sellers Sellers on Ribblr may use one of the supported currencies on the Site to manage and list their Contributions. Where applicable, Ribblr may manage, list and display your Contributions in different currencies on the Site. In such cases, Ribblr will attempt to convert the amount and chosen currency as set by you at the market rate. Ribblr fees Unless otherwise stated, Ribblr will charge its fees in the currency used for the transaction. Other fees Third party providers, such as payment processing facilitators, may charge a currency conversion fee when paying or receiving payments in different currencies. Please check more information with your card or bank provider and with Stripe.
PROMOTIONS Coupons and gift cards Sellers may be allowed to produce coupons on Ribblr. Buyers on Ribblr may use coupons, and gift cards where applicable and only as accepted by Ribblr and individual sellers. Coupons and gift cards issued by Ribblr may be made void at any time and for any reason, without notice. Competitions, sales and other promotions Buyers and sellers may join or take part in different competitions, sales and other promotions on Ribblr where applicable and with accordance to the terms of each applicable competition, sale or other promotion.
DELIVERIES AND RETURNS Deliveries By default, orders of any digital products on Ribblr, including but not limited to digital downloads, will be delivered instantly after purchase. Returns Unless otherwise stated by the seller, all digital products are not returnable nor refundable after purchase. If you have any issues with your order please contact the seller directly.
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