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Kay Crochay

About shop Whenever I see amigurumi all I can think of is how cute they are! That's one of my favourite parts of making Amigurumi is seeing how something so adorable can be easily made. I started crocheting back in high school when I decided to make an amigurumi as a birthday present for my best friend. It turned out pretty wonky but I had so much fun making it and I loved being able to give someone a handmade item! After that I started to crochet more often but, as I entered university I stopped crocheting and left it for many months, then luckily I saw a pattern that interested me and it got me back into crochet. Once I got into the flow of things I was constantly making amigurumi. When I designed my very first pattern it gave me so much joy that I knew I needed to share my love and that's how Kay Crochay was born!
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