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About shop I am a crochet artist and Disney enthusiast who specializes in creating adorable plushies and patterns. With a passion for Disney, I love incorporating characters and themes from the company into my work. My plushies are not only cute but also stand out. In my crochet work, I tend to primarily use yarns in soft, pastel hues. These calm and soothing colors give a peaceful and relaxing feel to my projects and create a pleasing visual aesthetic. I have an eye for detail and am skilled at shaping and sculpting yarn to create the desired forms and features. I also design and develop my own patterns, which are available in my shop. As a crochet artist, I am passionate about the craft and love nothing more than sharing my skills and knowledge with others. I believe that crochet is a wonderful hobby that can bring joy and creativity to people of all ages, and I am dedicated to helping others learn the craft. Whether through classes, workshops or one-on-one instruction, I take great pleasure in seeing others progress and develop their own unique style. If you want to learn to crochet, I would be honored to help you get started on your journey. My goal is to inspire others to see the magic in crochet through my work
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