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About shop I have been crocheting for 27 years, and as I gained experience, my dream was to sell unique handmade items in the shops by the ocean near where I live. Then, one day I was volunteered to make a breakfast for our church. I cheated and bought frozen biscuits (a sin in itself, I'm aware), and in the process of trying to pry two of them apart, I stabbed myself with a steak knife. One E.R. visit and many bandages later, I realized my hand would never be the same. After I had healed, I realized I had permanently lost my ability to play the guitar, and that crocheting would be much slower and involve frequent breaks. So, I gave up for a while. I gave away all my crochet supplies. But last year, I picked it back up and slowly started accumulating supplies and yarn (which my husband adores). Now, I have re-imagined my aspirations for a crochet business, and I have focused on developing patterns for all levels of crocheters. Personally, I like a challenge, and it's difficult to find patterns that aren't focused on being quick/easy. So that's me. I am a mom and I'm busy, so my pattern releases will be sporadic and random. I don't intend to become a millionaire from pattern sales. I just want to do what I've set out to do- open a crochet business. So, here I am.
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