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xooHbie Hoox

My makes
About shop KINDLY READ TIL END (before my bio) ~ @xoohbie links - https://beacons.ai/xoohbie Cuteness and Perfection Every stitch is made with SMILES in mind 💕 Cute amigurumi pattern designer~ message me to request a pattern ( for free!! ) Please follow (I'll follow back ^^) Instagram - @xoohbie Thanks for all the support 🥰 For buying makes or custom-made items: I am from the Philippines - shipping to West countries is $30. If buying makes, it would be best to buy multiple items (buy 1 international, and the rest domestic). You may chat me or visit other links to order customized items 🤗💕 === BIO - xooHbie hoox's story === It's 9/27/2023 at 10:34pm as I am typing this... I am a mom of 4 cute little boys, my youngest just born on 9/13 as I was in the middle of hosting a couple of pattern tests and doing some pattern tests for others as well !! In my early 30s, doing freelance work online, but a BSN graduate and a licensed nurse here in the Philippines. I first started crocheting 2/16/2022 - I looked for my first message to my sister that I started the craft 🤪 she has been doing it a few months or a year before me, and I love all that she creates. We both love everything CUTE !! Round, pudgy, chubby, chibi, minis, babies 🥰 She inspired me and urged me to try it too. She actualy bought my mom a set of crocheting tools, which I ended up taking for myself 😆😆 I started with bookmarks, practicing how to hold the yarn and working the hook, having the right tension, etc. (but this always improves everyday). Then I watched a YT tutorial on how to create a sphere - because ultimately I am interested in making amis! Cute plushies, dolls, figures, animals. Since then, I set up an online shop to take cuatomized orders as a side business while working as an Executive Assistant. It really is not the best combination of careers! 😖 Custom-made amis require lots of freehand, and my sister told me to write down my patterns. I did, but only like notes for solely me to understand. Orders came flooding after some time, but I got pregnant and had a difficult first 4.5 months - I had to stop crocheting OR more precisely I cannot because of how I felt. I could not eat well, I sleep all day, I feel tired all the time. Anyway, I had to stop taking orders, and you can imagine how the online shop's algorithm got affected in a bad way - so now there are barely any orders. I need to build it back up again. Then I finally decided to type up my patterns!! I did not know where to start, but that's when I found out about Ribblr - and I am loving it!! I love the site, the features, the community. I love what I am able to do here and what I have been doing for about a month now 🥰💕 I love crocheting so much. I wish I could do this full-time, but being a mom of 4, I still need to have a different line of work. I believe in doing what you love doing - hopefully, working on my patterns and makes here on Ribblr and doing my fair share of social media management pave the way to my dream of creating, designing, crafting full-time ✨😍🥰✨ Thank you for reading my story!! And thank you for your support - you are doing it just by being here and reading my story. So thank you ☺️🙏
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