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Join #CraftersAgainstPiracy | Ribblr


Designers are the heart and soul of every craft. They take a pure idea, a raw concept, and turn it into a beautiful piece. And they spend hundreds of hours so others can create it, too. Designers inspire people to create. To pick up a new skill. To feel accomplished.

Unfortunately, designers are also victims. 💔
A world without designers is a world without crafts 😥

Every day, thousands of patterns are illegally copied, shared and re-distributed. Pattern piracy is a serious issue that, sooner or later, affects most if not all designers. Designers lose their fair pay for their work and unique creations. And in time, they lose their motivation and spirit. Many designers never recover.

Designers deserve to be protected 💪

Taking down a piracy website or group is not a long-term solution. That is exactly why Ribblr was born. Our goal is to support & protect designers and make their lives easier.
Ribblr ePattern is the only pattern format that fully protects designers. Unlike PDFs that can be downloaded, copied, and re-distributed, patterns on Ribblr can only be accessed by those who legally acquired them.

Don't let piracy win. Join #CraftersAgainstPiracy 🤝

We want to do even more and we need your support. Join #CraftersAgainstPiracy and help us raise awareness. Let's end pattern piracy together. We're counting on you!

How can you help? 💜

Make a ©rAP mitt!

Join the movement and make your own ©rAP (Crafters Against Piracy) mitts! All profits go directly to the designers. Scroll down for all special editions as well as the free ©rAP mitt pattern by Team Ribblr 👇
Share a photo of your mitts on your pattern journal and social media. Use #CraftersAgainstPiracy and mention the designer you supported!

Support your favorite designers

Support designers by purchasing their patterns from their official shops.
There are thousands of unique patterns here on Ribblr - all designed with love by designers from all over the world. Your favorite designers are not on Ribblr yet? invite them to join!

Feed the algorithm

Search for all #CraftersAgainstPiracy posts on social media then tap the like button and leave a comment!

Raise awareness

Share a link to this page (click to copy) with your friends and on your social media pages. You can also share your thoughts on our community. And if you are a designer - tell us how we can improve. We always want to hear from you!

Make your own ©rAP mitts 💜
Get a special edition and support an indie-designer. All profits go directly to the designers!
©rAP journals 📓
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