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Ribblr ePattern manual

Click here for Ribbuild guidelines. (designer version)


The tool icons can be found on the bottom menu on mobile or on the top left and right corners of the pattern when using a computer.

- font size Font size

Makes the text larger and increases line-spacing. The icon is located within the user prefernces menu on mobile.

font size gif

- tips Tips

Choose if you want to see tips about stitches and abbreviations and watch instructional videos.

tips gif

- Doodle Doodle

Doodle on the pattern. Please note: only you can see your doodles.

doodle gif

- Journal Journal

Use the pattern journal to create and manage your projects. Add notes and pictures about your progress and any modifications you have made. Add a project name (this will apply to all your notes, unless changed), select your mood, add your journal note and picture, and save it. Set your notes to public to share them with fellow crafters and designers. Please note: only you can see your pattern journal, unless you choose to make your notes public.

journal gif

- Help Help

Get help with your pattern - visit the help center, take tour again, visit Ribblr ePattern manual or contact the designer.

contact gif

- User preferences User preferences

Available on mobile only. Set your preferences - choose a language, a preferred measuring unit and font size.

User preference gif

- exit patterns Exit pattern

Click here to go back to Ribblr. Your changes will be saved automatically when you click the exit button.

exit pattern gif

- Measuring unit toggle

Allows you to change between viewing patterns in inches or cm. This automatically converts all inches to cm, yards to meters and vice versa. The icon is located within the user prefernces menu on mobile.

inch to cm gif

- Language translator

Change pattern's language. This automatically translates the entire pattern to your chosen language. The icons are located within the user prefernces menu on mobile.

change language gif

Cover section

You can see this information using the 'Preview ePattern' feature for any pattern on Ribblr.

- General information

In the cover section you will find general information about the pattern, such as: shop's name, pattern name, photos, difficulty level, a short intro, and gauge. (if applicable)

cover section gif

- Select your size

If different sizes are available, you can choose to view all sizes or your chosen size only throughout the whole pattern. If you choose 'See all', different colors will highlight each size.

select size gif

Measurements section

You can see this information using the 'Preview ePattern' feature for any pattern on Ribblr.

- Measurements

Find out more information about the pattern's measurements. (if applicable)

measurements gif

- Abbreviations

List of abbreviations used in this pattern.

abbreviations gif

Materials section

You can see this information using the 'Preview ePattern' feature for any pattern on Ribblr.

- Materials list

See the list of materials required for this pattern. Where applicable, you will see a box of yarn color and name. For patterns with colorwork, you may click these boxes and match the colors to the yarn you are working with. This will personalize your view and display your chosen colors for the available instructions and charts of that pattern.

materials gif materials gif - change colors

Instructions section

- Track your progress

Click each line to mark your progress. You can click a header or sub-header to track or un-track a whole section. If you wish to start the pattern again, simply click the restart icon on the last page of the pattern. This will deselect all the lines in your pattern.

progress tracking gif

- Tips and instructional videos

While tips mode is on you can get help by hovering or clicking on any abbreviation.

show tips gif

- Counter

While tips mode is on you can open a counter by clicking on any 'repeat' or 'rep' word.

counter gif

- 'Go-to' list (Table of contents)

Jump between all sections of the pattern directly from the 'Go-to' list. Hide the list by clicking the x button and reveal it again by clicking the hamburger icon.

go to list gif

- cameravideoaudioyoutubechartmedia icons Media icons

When media is attached to a line in the pattern you will see different media icons to the right of this line. Media icons include photos, videos, files, audio, Youtube/Instagram/TikTok and charts. Click the icon to view the attached media. If the media is downloadable you should see a download button.

media icon gif

- chart Interactive chart

Built-in interactive charts are available on many Ribblr ePatterns and can be accessed by clicking the chart icon to the right of a line. You can mark your progress by clicking the chart's cells and you can always continue right where you left off on all of your devices. You can create your own customized version of colorwork charts and select different colors. Simply go to the materials page and click the yarn color box to select colors. With left-hand mode enabled, you will be able to work charts from left to right. Finally, if you are not sure what a specific symbol in your chart means just click it in the list to the left of the chart and watch a quick tutorial video.

epattern gif
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