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Auburncraft Design

About shop I enjoy designing! Taking a skein of yarn and turning it into something magical. But the real truth of my need to crochet is because, punching people is frowned upon!!! I have a great team of pattern testers who help to make my patterns what they are. I believe they deserve credit where due, so I add pictures and credit where I can to my patterns.. Enjoy creating! If you have a problem with making your item, please contact me and allow me to try and help you, or resolve any issues you may have. Negative reviews or feedback impact my business and I find them upsetting. I take great pride in my designs and I want you to have a great experience making them. So do please contact me. I get back to people as soon as I can.. I take the copyright process very seriously and find it annoying to have people purchase my patterns with the specific idea of copying part or all of them to create their own. Each time this has happened I have filed a copyright infringement against them. So please think twice if this is your intent.
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